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About Us
nft soldout is the world’s first professional insight community
with rating and reviewing systems.
We aim to be the largest and most reliable NFT database platform. nft soldout gathers decentralized NFT artworks’ information and extracts valuable statistic data. People can have deeper insights about NFTs and make better decisions in the NFTs markets with our service.
We track down and gather all sold NFT artworks information in the NFTs marketplaces. With the information, experts analyze and reproduce substantial data. Numbers help you to find the facts.
People can read professional NFT analytics columns and share their insights about NFTs. Everyone can rate and review and become an expert NFT critic. Your level of dedication for NFT community activity will be rewarded.
Evaluation Standard
Your thoughts are valuable!

As you can see, our rating standard has four different categories. Each category points range from a minimum of 1 point to a maximum of five points. We are fully aware that you may not consent to the rating categories or descriptions. Take them as a reference, not as an absolute standard.

We are planning to develop our rating table which everyone can nod their heads. Feel free to share your opinions about the categories and grading. We would appreciate your support and suggestion.

About Event
Rate and Review about
“The most expensive NFT artworks sold(USD)”
How to join event
01. Sign Up

Sign up with your Facebook, Google and Apple accout to rate and review NFT artworks, and grab a chance to win the prize.

02. Rating

Rate selected NFT artworks under four different categories: Completion, Originality, Narrativity, and Universality. You can rate each of them from 0 to 5.

03. Reviewing

Write reviews about NFT artworks that you have rated. Your detailed analysis of the NFT artwork can give insights to people who are involved in the NFTs market. Your words are valuable.

04. Confirmation

When you submit your first NFT artwork rating and review, you must write your SNS(instagram or twitter) account correctly, and follow one of our SNS account.

Winner Criteria
1. A reviewer who wrote the most liked review will be nominated as the Winner.
2. The winner must follow one of our SNS accounts.
3. We will reach out to the winner individually via the SNS account, which the participant wrote before the first event submission.
4. Make sure you write your SNS id correctly. There will be no prize if the winner wrote wrong SNS id.
5. When there is a tide number of likes, the reviewer who has a higher accumulation of likes from other reviews will be nominated as the winner.
* Prize for the winner: iPad Air, 64GB, Wifi, A14 Bionic Chip, Choose color
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Write and Earn!
Your thoughts are valuable!
Rate and write reviews about the NFTs. The more you write, the more chances to win the prize. A reviewer who gets the most likes receives the prize, iPad Air!
Brief instructions.
1. Sign-up or login before you write
2. Select NFTs artworks
3. Share your thoughts by rating and writing a review about it.
4. Follow our SNS account and write down your SNS account for us to reach out to you when you win.
Make sure you check the detailed instructions.